Industrial Lubricants

Veteran’s Oil is a leading supplier of outstanding products and services to a range of different industries. We can provide you with the full range of oils, greases and additional services – to make sure you and your equipment stay on the job. This is a brief listing of the industrial lubricant products that we offer. Contact us to inquire about our entire inventory.

  • Shell Garia Fluids
  • Shell Naturelle
  • Shell Biodegradable Fluids
  • Pure Guard Food Grade Oils
  • Xtreme Cross SynGard™ Gear Oils
  • Xtreme Multipurpose Automotive / HD Gear Lubricants
  • Xtreme Industrial Gear Lubricants
  • Xtreme All Mineral Gear Oils
  • Xtreme True-Flo AW Hydraulic Oils
  • Xtreme True-Flo R&O Hydraulic Fluid
  • Xtreme Extended Life ISO Hydraulic Oils
  • Primrose Plus
  • EnviroBlend®
  • Premium Select
  • Syn-O-Gen