Shell LubeAnalyst

Discover how to improve equipment reliability and save money on your maintenance

Shell LubeAnalyst is a health check for your lubricants and machinery. It is an oil condition monitoring service which helps you keep your business running smoothly by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

This program allows participants to monitor and test lubricants and fluids in use by analyzing foreign contaminants and wear particles. Furthermore, Lubrication Engineers may also utilize Shell Oil’s proprietary R&D Labs in Houston, TX for more extensive testing and metallurgical analysis.


  • Reduces your downtime and lost production
  • Enables you to spot potential problems at an early stage
  • Allows you to plan and schedule maintenance in advance
  • Helps you save money
  • Lowers repair and labor costs
  • Allows you to optimize maintenance intervals
  • Allows you to potentially extend oil drain intervals
  • Aims to offer you peace of mind
  • Reassurances of the condition of the oil
  • Shows the condition of the equipment

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