Shell LubeVideo Check

Discover how to optimize engine assessment without dismantling, saving both time and money

Shell LubeVideo Check is a state-of-the-art fibre-optic tool that allows us to inspect key internal engine components including inaccessible areas such as the cylinder head, valves, cylinder walls and pistons without dismantling the engine itself. All you need to do is remove the injector, glow or spark plug to gain access. It’s a cost effective, efficient and non-invasive way of inspecting all engine and equipment components, thereby minimizing the time and costs associated with an engine stripdown and downtime. It allows you to assess the engine’s condition and spot potential failures before costly mechanical damage occurs.


  • Reduced maintenance costs including man-hours and replacement parts
  • Significant reduction in downtime, keeping your vehicles and equipment working
  • A quick and easy way to diagnose problems and focus your maintenance teams on those vehicles and engines which need attention
  • Increased efficiencies in maintenance scheduling, fleet and equipment capability and utilization
  • May help secure higher resale value by demonstrating engine state and efficiency
  • Improved operational efficiency and extended life of your equipment
  • Can help extend oil drain intervals

Components that are inspected include:

  • Piston
  • Combustion chamber
  • Cylinder wall
  • Valve seats and heads