SMARTank™ Monitoring

SMARTank™ is a completely wireless tank monitoring system that requires no external power, telephone connection or control boxes. Monitors can be programmed remotely to report thank levels at a specific time, at predetermined intervals or when a significant change in tank volume is detected. SMARTank can be used in single tank, multi-tank and retail UST controller applications.



  • Process fewer invoices
  • Never run out of product
  • Never need to stick tanks
  • Never need to call or fax orders
  • Minimize down time so operations run at peak performance


The SMARTank website allows you to generate customized web based reports, download to an Excel spreadsheet or import tank level information to SMARTank’s Digital Dispatch & Delivery Software. In addition to tank level information, the SMARTank website provides:

  • Battery Life & Signal Strength
  • Territory, Route & Product Reporting
  • Alarm Status
  • Product Usage
  •  Fill History