Shell LubePlanner

Lubrication planning and management lies at the heart of every effective maintenance plan

The Shell LubePlanner service helps you develop and run a comprehensive lubrication maintenance program for your plant or fleet. Central to the service is a software package that creates a custom-designed lubrication schedule, including product recommendations and maintencance schedules. This program helps you maintain your equipment and ensures you get the right oil, in the right place, at the right time, minimizing costly reactive maintenance and breakdown.

Critical Information at Your Fingertips

To ensure we deliver a turnkey solution, the lubrication survey data will be entered into the Shell LubePlanner software for you to ensure you get the following:

  • A fully operational and ready-to-go lubrication system from day one
  • A lubrication maintenance schedule to ensure your equipment/vehicle gets the right oil, in the right place, at the right time, every time
  • A comprehensive set of worksheets, reports and other functions which really put you in control

Simplify Your Processes

Shell LubePlanner will fully automate your lubrication maintenance scheduling and requires minimal intervention to operate it, leaving you free to do important maintenance tasks. If you prefer to work paperless, Shell LubPlanner can utilize the latest PDA and barcode reader technology, which will put worksheets and important maintenance information in the hands of your staff instantly. Utilizing this technology has many advantages as it tracks ‘work order’ completion, gives feedback and avoids the need for paper-based feedback and data entry later.